Spatially-varying stochastic differential equations,

with application to the biological sciences


Tuesday, July 7 2015

 Radu Herbei

Wednesday, July 8 2015

Peter Craigmile

  • Time Series Modeling with applications to SDEs and the biological sciences;
  • Some interesting topics in time series;
  • R code, Mumps data set, Heart rate data set

Veronica Berrocal

  • Geostatistical and hierarchical modeling of spatial data;
  • Assessing exceedance of ozone standards: space-time modeling of fourth highest ozone concentrations;
  • Classical geostatistical analysis in R, Fitting an Bayesian hierarchical model to univariate spatial data using the spBayes R package.

Thursday, July 9 2015

Chris Wikle

  • An Introduction to Dynamical Spatio-Temporal Models (DSTMs);
  • Modern perspectives on statistics for spatio-temporal data. ;

Finn Lindgren

  • Stochastic PDEs and Markov random fields with ecological applications;
  • R code;

Friday, July 10 2015

Laura Kubatko

  • Diffusion Models in Population Genetics;

Catherine Calder

  • Nonstationary Spatial Modeling;

Murali Haran

  • An Introduction to Computer Model Emulation and Calibration;

Student presentations

  • SDE for Phylogenetics;
  • Spatial Clustering of Aedes Aegypti in Coastal Ecuador;
  • Covariate Selection and a Hierarchical Bayesian Model Detecting Outbreaks for Biosurveilance System;

The projects

Group 1 (Bernstein, Hefley, Manlove, Safikhani, Wang, Yang) Kubatko and Herbei: Modeling Biological Trait Evolution Across Species, Anolis size, Anolis tree, Butler and King, Appendix to Butler and King

Group 2 (Ganguly, Keshavarz, Pereira, Shand, Woroszylo, Zhou) Berrocal: Spatial clustering of Aedes aegypti in coastal Ecuador

Group 3 (Lila, Ma, Russell, Yamazaki, Yoon, Zimmerman) Craigmile: Biosurveillance: modeling and prediction of disease outbreaks using time series, Craigmile et al., 2007, Google flu R file, Google flu data.

Results from the questionnaire

18 responses -- the scale is from 1 (disagree) to 5 (agree).

Question 1 2 3 4 5
"This workshop was useful for my research"        5 13
"There was a suitable range of topics"       3 15
"The level of material was appropriate"      1 11 6
"I interacted with other workshop attendees"     1 4 13
"The project was a useful part of the workshop"    3 8 3 4
"I would recommend this workshop to my colleagues"       4 14